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Best of 2023 Wedding Dress Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere


Fashion week was in full swing with the most gorgeous wedding dress trends for 2023 that brings a breath of fresh air and something for everyone! It’s no surprise that Monique Lhuillier was at the forefront of bringing these trends to life in the most delightful ways. As the exclusive carried of Monique Lhuillier in Orlando and the Greater Central Florida area we are beyond excited and honoured to be able to bring these exquisite gowns to you.

Here are the top nine 2023 wedding dress trends you can try on in our Orlando bridal boutique right now.

1. Flowers in 3-D

Dimension, dimension, dimension! Flowers coming to life throughout bridal gowns and veils adding depth, drama and texture your wedding gown.

2. Beautiful Bows

Bows are this season’s feminine detail. Oversized and bodacious combined with sleek tailoring these bows are best described as girly girl elegance vibe. Modern and almost understated.

3. Shoulders Unconvered.

Disney’s Belle meets 2023. Picture Transparent fabrics with floral embellishments as well as structural sweetheart forms updating the traditional fairytale gown for a contemporary princess bride.

4. Sleeves and Shoulders Uncovered.

This might not seem like a distinct trend at first, but once you see how much drama this look adds—and how widespread the micro-trend was—you'll see why this trend deserves its own category. The two most stunning variations are expansive puff sleeves, which make shoulders and collarbones look petite in comparison, and a more contemporary shape, which has a little volume at the top and tapers into a slender sleeve at the wrist. These looks are bringing romance to an all encompassing level, in a word; breathtaking.

5. Sheers

Sheer layering done with dreamy clouds of voluminous tulle giving way an ethereal bride floating down the aisle. Need we say more?

6. Harmonious Hues

Designers have been playing with multicolor botanical prints on white background for several seasons, but whats fresh here is the shift towards color as the background, specifically pastel blue and pale pink being the two most popular choices. These gowns are perfect for a bride who is playful and not afraid to depart from the tradition of an all white look.

7. Capes

2023 capes are showcased in semi-transparent materials to show off the dress elements beneath, or in the same fabric as the dress, for a more sculptural look. They are a modern take on the traditional veil ideal for the untraditional red carpet kind of bride.

8. Hello Legs

The rise of microweddings combined with an increasing number of brides looking to take a fashion risk have made designers focus on honoring minis and expanding their line to include the fabrics and designs once reserved for full length gowns.

9. Ballgowns Updated

Ballgowns will never go out of style but there is a bit of a twist in detachable skirting giving way to a mini. Of course there will always be the traditional one piece ball gown for the more traditional fairytale bride, either way the princess bride is here to stay as it should be.

Looking for your dream dress? Book an appointment at our Orlando bridal shop today!


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