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Avoid the Regret, Choose a Wedding Dress That Stands the Test of Time

There are many things to consider when choosing your bridal gown. It's impacted by everything from the vision you've had in your mind since you were a little girl to the venue and time of year of your wedding. Most of all, you want to feel your most beautiful and special as you walk down the aisle to say your "I do's." But while the day of is certainly important, the days to follow matter just as much. As you celebrate years of wedded bliss, you will want to revisit photos of your special day. And while we all love a good laugh and to look back at what we were into way back when, when it comes to wedding photos the laughter should be connecting to sentimentality and joy not “OMG what were we thinking?!”

As you search for the perfect wedding dress and other bridal elements, you want to make choices that will stand the test of time. Here are 6 tried and true tips to ensure that your wedding day photos paint a picture of your love story that will be cherished for generations to come.

  1. Let’s talk wedding dress trends. Remember they are called trends for a reason; trends are here and now not forever and always. Avoiding the trend of the moment and opting for a more here to stay latest style is always the best option. Ask yourself are you looking to appear haute couture or always current? Remember the 80s when those big elaborate sleeves, body sized bows and big hair were the thing? How did that work out for those brides? Do your homework to create a look that is a marriage between current and traditional. A great rule of thumb is to ask yourself is the dress wearing you or are you wearing the dress? When you walk down the aisle YOU are the first thing everyone should see and then your fabulous wedding gown.

  2. Keep it personal. Personal touches of who you and your groom will create photos that tell your story and last for lifetimes to come. This is another way not to go down the trend trap. This also applies to all of your decor and wedding venue selection. For example; If you are into country opt for a barn theme wedding, if you are into wine a vineyard is the place to be. In keeping with your venue selection your personal touches will shine through in your style and the types of photos you take. There is nothing cuter than a beautiful bride showing off her cowboy boots under her gown. Cowboy hats for all at the reception. Hopefully you get the picture. A little touch goes a long way.

  3. Save the props. Props do not translate well in your photos at your wedding ceremony. Your ceremony photos should highlight your love and commitment and the beginning of your new life together, we highly recommend saving the props for your reception.

  4. Reception photos. Almost anything goes when it comes to reception photos, having a pre-set plan with your photographer will translate into capturing the best of your celebration. Props that fit your theme is a fun way to get your guests in the mood to strike a pose that doesn’t look to posy. Props also add ambience while giving you an opportunity to let your personalities shine through. Remember this day is not just about your new life together it’s also about what brought your together and who you are as a couple. There is a reason they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’

  5. The photographer. HUGE decision right? TAKE YOUR TIME in selecting a photographer. Interview at least 3 photographers. Go through their portfolio as a couple. Don’t make a decision on the spot; always do the hiring after the meeting to give you and your partner an opportunity to highlight the pros and cons of each photographer you meet. Personalities and style matter equally. Ask how they plan out the photos for the getting ready before the ceremony, the ceremony and the reception.

  6. Speaking of the before the ceremony think about documenting your journey for your perfect dress. Wedding dress shopping, capturing that moment when you know it’s the one is a beautiful moment to be able to look back on. Make sure you designate someone in your shopping party to take photos. Taking photos of your try-ons is also good for seeing how your dress will translate in your wedding day pictures.

At The Collection Bridal in Orlando, Florida we know how important the wedding dress process is for our brides. Whatever your style we are here to support you throughout and beyond as we also dress your bridesmaids, flower girls and moms.

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