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Top 8 Spring 2023 Bridal Trends

Here are the top 9 trends from the Spring 2023 collections that you NEED to know about:


This season's feminine details have a more restrained, fitted style that seems a little 1990s Gwyneth Paltrow in the very best way. Bows are having a major moment. Additionally, simple waist sashes modernised with gauzey materials or a little bit of bling and sculptural train ties are also still in style.


Is anyone else getting modern Disney Princess feelings from the neckline of the moment? (Belle?) These off-the-shoulder looks are created using transparent fabrics with floral embellishments as well as structural sweetheart forms. What could be a truer representation of a fairy tale?

Sleeves Off-the-Shoulder

Now, this might not seem like a distinct trend at first, but once you realise how much drama this look adds—and how widespread the micro-trend is—you'll see why we gave it its own time in the limelight. The two most common variations are expansive puff sleeves, which make shoulders and collarbones look petite in comparison, and a more contemporary shape, which has a little volume at the top and tapers into a slender sleeve at the wrist. This is one of the wedding dress trends for 2023 you don't want to miss.

Sheer Elegance

Sheer layering is in, and it may be one of the most popular trends. It is often done with clouds of frothy tulle for an ethereal appearance, or, with sleeves that are transparent like clouds.


Designers have experimented with multicolor botanical patterns on white backgrounds in the past, but what feels new is the move towards colour as the background, with pastel blue and soft pink being the two most popular options.


Many of this season's capes were created in semi-transparent materials to show off the dress elements beneath, or in the same fabric as the dress, for a more sculptural look. They are an elegant modern take on the traditional veil.


The Disney princesses are returning, and we could not be more excited! These full-skirted dresses completely counter the minidress craze, leaving A-line silhouettes behind. The waist-cinching skirt, which was frequently worn with a strapless bodice, was embellished with anything from cascading floral details to tiers of ruffles.

Mini Dresses

Despite the fact that the major bridal design houses have long offered minidresses as options for after-parties, the rise of micro-weddings and the increasing number of women taking a fashion risk have made these leg-baring beauties deserving of the main event. We adore these minis worn with a long avant-garde cape or light coat for even more high-low effect, and there are variants of them in pretty much every trend we've covered here.

Some of our favorite designers are among those that have unveiled sheer gowns, tiny dresses, and opulent ballgowns as a part of their 2023 Spring collection, including Monique Lhuillier*, Martina Liana, and Stephen Yearick / YSA Makino*.

*The Collection Bridal in Winter Park is the exclusive carrier of these designers in Central Florida!

Dresses pictured are part of the 2023 Monique Lhuillier Spring Collection, be the first to try these gorgeous gowns on at our exclusive Trunk Show on Friday, September 30th-October 1st!


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