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Top 10 Tips to Complete Your Bridal Look

1. Stay True to Your Style

Whether your are fun and flirty, contemporary, edgy, glam to the glam or a modern minimalist kind of bride your wedding day is an opportunity to showcase your personal style. The Collection Bridal consultants in Winter Park, Florida can help you find your perfect accoutrements to match your vibe and complete your look.

2. Keep It Simple

There is a difference between being extra and having too much extra. There is no such thing as too much glam on your wedding day BUT there is such a thing as overshadowing your dress. Remember your dress is the cake and the accessories are the icing. Keeping that balance in mind, be sure to select accessories that flatter rather than distract.

3. Match your Metals

We aren’t talking monochromatic here, rather complementary combinations. You don’t have to match your accessories to your engagement ring but it is a good place to start. For example, a platinum colored tiara and yellow gold engagement ring is a yes, tri-gold (yellow, rose and white) is a go if it’s in one piece intertwined as it can tie all the metals together. Rose gold and yellow gold together do not translate well and has a clash factor that you may want to stay away from. Second to your engagement ring, using your largest accessory to set the tone is a good rule of thumb; that could be a tiara, hair accessory or other statement piece.

4. Add a Little Warmth

An additional bridal accessory to consider if your wedding is in the fall or winter is a cover-up. A faux fur scarf, a beautiful shawl, or a cape will add an extra layer of flair to a simpler dress and keep you warm at the same time.

5. Shoes, Glorious Bridal Shoes

Your wedding shoes are the perfect opportunity to add color … Something blue, glitz as in sequins or the combination of both; think outside of the box they come in and have fun! Whatever you choose, it’s always a good idea to have options and keep your comfort in mind. We suggest going with two looks to take you through your special day from beginning to end.

6. Flatter Your Neckline

If the neckline of your dress is embellished with sparkle or pearls a necklace will likely detract from the look of your dress. A good rule of thumb is to use your dress as a sort of frame for the necklace you choose. If the dress is super simple you might opt for a bold statement necklace. Pearls are perfect for a more traditional lace neckline. Sweetheart necklines look beautiful with a simpler necklace that flatters the neckline rather than just the necklace.

7. Bridal Gown Hues

The hue of your wedding gown matters. Bright white, ivory, champagne, blush etc., do not look the same with all metals. Bright white dresses look best with light metals. Yellow gold is better suited to champagne or ivory. Knowing the exact hue of your dress will avoid a color clash and a phototastrophy.

8. Speaking of Wedding Photos

Keep your wedding pictures in mind. As you are trying on different looks we suggest taking photos to see how they translate.

9. Accentuate Your Tresses

Make the most out of your wedding day hair with bridal tiaras, headpieces, or bedazzled out barrettes. You can bring as little or as much sparkle into your ‘do as your heart desires; just two little rules of thumb we suggest you keep in mind: Your hair completes your look and the embellishment you choose should flatter your earrings. Choosing your bridal headpiece and earrings from the same designer is a great way to ensure a seamless look. One of our personal favorite designers for wedding headpieces and earrings is Maria Elena. The second rule of thumb: take some test shots before making your final decision.

10. Wedding Veils

Long gone are the days of one size, one look fits all. The Collection Bridal in Winter Park, Florida has a broad array of beautiful veils to fit every bride’s wedding dress and personality. From florals with pops of color to lace on lace to bejeweled and every length you can imagine, veils add that old school romantic touch for every type of Orlando bride.

Now that you have all the tips you need to create your bridal accessory wish list we hope you will honor us with helping you select your perfect pieces for your wedding day look!

Stop by the shop today or book an appointment with one of our Orlando bridal stylists here!

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