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Finding the Perfect Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress

Are you in need of the perfect gown as the mother of the bride or groom? Are looking for an elegant formal for gala or holiday party? Here are 7 tried and true tips to make your formalwear shopping successful.


Look for something that accentuates your best body qualities. Our consultants at The Collection Bridal are experts at making sure you look your very best and feel your most beautiful and confident in your choice.


Having a feel for how much you want to spend will help narrow down your choices. If you are on a budget maximize your gown by going with timeless over trendy. Keep in mind timeless never goes out of style and stays on trend. A beautiful high quality gown is will offer better fabrics, fit and longevity. Switching up accessories will change the look and vibe of your gown to allow for multiple uses.

Size Matters

Make sure to select a dress closest to your current size. If you lose weight we can always alter your gown. It’s much easier to take in than to let out. For close-fitting gowns it’s a good idea to use shapewear to keep your look elegant and seamless.


Looking fabulous does not have to be uncomfortable. Be mindful of the venue and the type of event you are selecting your gown for. Are you going to be sitting for the majority of the event? Is there dancing? The right fabric and fit will guarantee your comfort and beauty throughout the event.

Color Selection

Look for a color or colors that make your eyes pop and your skin glow. Falling in love with a color that washes you out or takes over the show translates into a gown that is wearing you instead of you wearing the gown. Remember what you wear is meant to highlight your beauty not the other way around ;)


The natural flow of a fabric and the way it drapes around your body makes a huge impact in your overall look. Consider the weather if you are attending an outdoor event; a silk dress in the heat is likely not going to wear as well as a lighter more breathable fabric. Depending on your body type how and where the fabric is layered and/or the cut of the dress will either detract from your best features or accentuate them.


Well chosen accessories will do wonders in transforming your dress into a perfectly tied-together look. As a general rule less is more with a dress that is adorned with elaborate details or bling. If the dress is more towards the understated more in the way of accessories is the way to go. Apart from fabulous shoes, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, also keep in mind evening bags, hair accessories, scarves and belts or sashes to create an entirely different look.

Stop by or book an appointment to find the perfect MOB/MOG formal dress for your family's special day!


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